Let’s make a website to showcase some of the works I’ve completed as well as sharing information about lessons learned and basic woodworking techniques. I don’t intend to supply a curated gallery of only my best works. Instead, we’ll provide a real glimpse as some of the problems and solutions encountered throughout the design, build and finish process of my woodworking projects. – Adam


I moonlight as a freelance web developer and amateur woodworker, so it seemed fitting that I have a place on the web to showcase and discuss some of my work.


Pallet Shed..?

Being a family of 6 and having only a 2 car garage I’ve long wanted a shed in our backyard. Nothing fancy, just a place to store the kids bikes, lawnmower, snow blower, garden tools… It just hasn’t moved high enough up the priority list to justify spending the couple thousand dollars it’d take to …

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